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Posted 11 Mar 2011 in cancer sucks


This afternoon, I have an appointment for my first mammogram. Yes, I am young (30, if you must know), but I have good reason to be starting so soon. Breast cancer surrounds me. My dad’s mom & sister both had it (and both are in remission), two of my mom’s sisters had it (one is in remission, one sadly passed away almost 3 years ago). My grandmother passed away due to a 5 year battle with ovarian cancer, which is closely linked to breast cancer. I’ve posted about these things many times. (For all the posts, click here.)

So, when I reached the ripe old age of 30, it was decided that I should begin annual mammograms. Did you know you’re not supposed to wear deodorant (for me, Dove Clinical) or lotion (Philosophy’s Pure Grace) when you have a mammogram? My appointment is at three-something today. Do you get where I’m going with this?

I am sweaty. My arms are dry. And I smell.

I LOADED the perfume on when I left the house for work today. It has been no match. Luckily (for everyone else) I don’t have any meetings today, so no one should be subjected to the horror that is my armpits.

My mom (who thankfully has been cancer free, and also doesn’t carry the breast cancer gene) ensured me that they would have like, baby wipes there to get the deoderant off, and that I should just wear it. Ma, I know you’re probably right, but this deod is FOR REAL. It doesn’t come off easily. And I don’t want any false alarms when it comes to smooshing my dirty pillows in highly technological machine.

So, I shall stink. And hopefully have an “all clear” after today.


  1. Cancer freakin sucks, I just found out my auntie has breast cancer & this gets me wondering whether I should get a mammogram done at 26 since apparentely it is genetic (your family history seems to confirm this). Good on you for biting the bullet, at least you can live with comfort in knowing you’re all ok, good luck!

  2. @Hanna –

    I think being proactive is the best bet! It’s important to bring this up with your GP or OB at your annual exam. I know my OB had me wait until 30 since the earliest diagnosis in my family was in their 40s. Good luck to you, and my thoughts and prayers go out to your family!

  3. Jan

    The age of 26 is a little young to start mammograms. First degree relatives such as mother, sister, daughter places a patient at an increased risk. Aunties developing breast cancer is a close reminder that we are all susceptible. Maternal aunts and relatives are more of a concern than your fathers side relatives. Your probable safe to have a mammogram at 35 which would set a baseline and then determine with your doctor as to how often you should be screened. With over ten years experience as a mammographer a mammogram for screening in your twenties is most likely unnecessary.

  4. @Jan –

    Thanks for commenting! I’m actually 30 (eeek) and although it seems young to me too, I figure it can’t hurt.

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