How to make a three year old happy.

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Posted 14 Jan 2013 in Abigail, motherhood, RAD, toddler business

On Wednesday, I’ll be taking Abby to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live – GET THE SILLIES OUT!


It’s ridiculous how excited I am. I might be more excited than she is! We brought her to see YGG over a year ago, and while she got it…she was a little apprehensive. It was her first time in a theater, and the crowd and loud noises were a bit much for her. By the end, she was getting into it, but by then it was over!

This time though? She’s SO excited. She’s been asking if we could go for so long, and I was super stoked to tell her we got tickets! Tonight, I downloaded their new app (called Hello Friends!) and she’s totally digging it. WEDNESDAY IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME.

(PS – The tour’s just starting – I know there are still tickets left for Minneapolis…and for other cities too! For a complete list of tour dates, cities and show times, and a preview of the show, visit )

I’ll be sure to post a review of the show when it’s over…in case you’re on the fence about it yourself.

I’m hoping this little adventure of ours will be the kick in the pants I need to get back to blogging here again. I’ve been so busy over at Mamapop that I’ve been neglecting this poor blog.

Full Disclosure: I am receiving tickets to Wednesday’s show in exchange for posting and promoting the event. Views expressed here are totally my own and not anyone else’s. Word? Word.


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