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Call me Frida Kahlo.

Posted 20 Apr 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business

One thing I never knew about being pregnant was the ridiculous pace at which one’s hair will grow. EVERYWHERE. No matter how much I pluck, I continually have the beginnings of a uni-brow. SO not cool. I also found a hair on my toe that had grown to about 1.5 inches long. ::gag::

So, already aside from my past nausea, the whole “you’re glowing” portion of pregnancy has yet to show it’s face.

Otherwise, I’ve had a weekend of not feeling super great. Granted, I’ve eaten like shit, which is more than likely contributing to my ill feeling. However, I made a vow to begin eating healthier and more often, starting this evening. I started out the day with two chocolate donuts, followed by the inevitable PB&J…which is when I started to feel like crap. So, after an hour nap, I woke up and had a bowl of chicken & rice soup, which was DELICIOUS. Tonight, a salad, and…something. I’ll figure that out in a bit.

I can’t believe I’m only a little over a week away from being 12 weeks along. The 1st trimester has really kind of flown by. I’m looking forward to actually looking pregnant and feeling better in the next few months.

Now I’m starving since I was talking about food. Time to eat. :)

(Also, I’m well aware my belly pic taking has been lame. I know. I promise you, you’re not missing anything. If anything, I’m less bloated and looking more normal. I PROMISE to take one tomorrow night before my 11 week post.)

Yeah, I got nothin…

Posted 16 Apr 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business

…aside from some mild lower back pain…I have no complaints.

It’s so weird how my “morning sickness” went away. I still technically have 3 weeks before I’m out of the first trimester, but my fingers are crossed everything stays as it is. Yesterday I was so hungry at lunch, I could have eaten ANYTHING, which hasn’t happened in a long time. (I went for a pork wrap and half of a Greek salad. Delish.)

Today, it is warm outside, I’m wearing my maternity capris, and actually got some work done already today. It’s going well, although I really wish it were Friday. I have high aspirations of getting the house clean this weekend, since I still have yet to vacuum. It’s going on 6 weeks now. Gross.

10 weeks.

Posted 14 Apr 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +/- 0
Maternity clothes? Wore the maternity capris over the weekend, and sporting the bella band most days. (couldn’t find it this morning, and I’m paying the price.)

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep: I can’t get enough. And if I truly do not get enough, it’s bad news.

Best moment this week: Best moment – having a WHOLE WEEK of no seabands. Yes.

Movement: Nope.

Food cravings: Still PB & J. The hubs made me one last night at 11:30. With pickles on the side. Bliss.

Gender: Now I’m kind of thinking girl.

Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
What I miss: Shopping for clothes. NORMAL clothes.

What I am looking forward to: Being out of the 1st trimester. For so many reasons.

Weekly Wisdom:
Don’t attempt to stay awake when your body is refusing. It doesn’t work. Even if it’s 9:30am and you’re at work.
Hearing the HB on the doppler and being told my miscarriage chances are below 1%!

Yay for good news!

Posted 13 Apr 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business

Well, I had an appointment this morning…which I, of course, was running late for. Running is the operative word in that sentence.

I had to take the bus to my appointment this morning since the hubs was already at work. I left the house, glanced at my watch, and I had ONE MINUTE until my bus came. And I had a block and a half to walk.

So I ran.

For the first time in like, YEARS.

But I caught the bus, had a mild asthma attack, and made it to my appointment on time. The Midwife I saw today was VERY nice. We chatted about my reoccurring sinus infections, my need for more calcium, and just chatted generally about my progress.

I am happy to report, that for the most part, my all day nausea is gone. I feel pretty decent aside from still being pretty tired all the time.

Anyway, she did an exam, and attempted the heartbeat on the doppler. It took her a little bit, but she found it….loud and clear. It again, was a totally surreal experience. She said it was about 165bpm, just right for this time in the pregnancy. My uterus was right where it should be and measuring well…everything is good.

The best news, she officially declared my chances of miscarriage to be less than 1%, which was almost better than hearing the heartbeat.

I also found out that my blood type is O-, so I’ll need a Rogam (sp?) shot around 20 weeks.

All in all, a great appointment. Good news was desperately needed. :)

Today, I’ll struggle through my annual review, a department meeting, and work in general. Then home for what seems to be a week of non-stop cleaning and laundry.

Even so, it’s good to be home.

Maybe a little early, but a letter.

Posted 07 Apr 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business, cancer sucks, not so much, other people are awesome

My dearest babybee,

Today, you have been in my tummy for 9 weeks. In those 9 weeks, many things (not all of the exciting nature) have happened. I’ve been to Mexico, you’ve grown a liver and other vital organs, I’ve slept and complained a lot, and we both ventured to the Twins home opener last night. I’m sorry to report that they lost, but this shall not shape the season to come. I’ve gotten off track.

The reason for this letter is to tell you that something sad happened last night. Your Great Grandmother passed away. It saddens me to no end that she never got to meet you. More importantly, that you never got to met her. She was a hell of a woman (pardon my french, dear babybee, but she must be described in this manner) and made me who I am today because of it. She toughed through 5 years of ovarian cancer when they only gave her 2. And she smoked and drank her way through it! She was not about to let anyone or anything tell her what to do. She lived her life the way she wanted to, and for that I have the utmost respect for her.

Even though you’re not aware of her existence right now, she knew about you. Just a couple weeks ago, she saw your very first picture, and she was so excited for you to be here. I know that she would have spoiled you rotten the way she spoiled me. And she would have loved you very very much.

Alright, momma has to stop right this now, since she is at work, at her desk, in a room full of people, and is about to cry.

Your daddy and I love you very much. Thank you for being with me, with us, to be the light in our lives in this dark time.


PS – Thank you for helping my body feel good for the second day in a week. I don’t know how you knew I needed it today, but I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you.