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Posted 07 Jul 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Who decided to call Wednesday “Humpday?” It makes me feel dirty. And not in a good way.

Anyway, holy crap it’s summer! I mean, it has been summer, but suddenly I’m in the thick of not having a free weekend until the end of August and I’m already feeling like it’s over. I love and hate this all at once.

So, here’s a (not so) quick recap of what the eff I’m up to lately.

  • Designing my “business cards” for BlogHer in NYC. You know what? SCRATCH THAT. Obvs they’re not business cards, because if this was my business I’d be as happy as a little girl. Since it’s not, let’s call them what they are. CALLING CARDS. Call me a call-girl. Did I say “call” enough yet? Call. (call.)
  • Speaking of BlogHer, the hubs and I just purchased our plane tickets for NYC! So that means I’ll actually be there. OMG. SO EXCITED. Also? I just got Aunt Becky’s phone number. Get ready for drunk texts about how awesome you are in the next month, Ms. Becky. You’ve been warned.
  • Prepping myself for insanity. I have two bachelorette parties, a baby shower and a weekend in the northwoods coming up in the next 3 weeks. And then New York. And then a wedding. I have a lot of dress shopping to do.
  • Abbers has two new toofies on the top. Last night I dreamed she got all her teeth at once. In the same dream I was also completely hysterical. I WONDER WHY. Abby’s thisclose to crawling as well. And seemingly thisclose to standing and walking. She’d apparently like to do them all at once, thankyouverymuch. We’ll see which one she masters first.
  • I also talked to John the Midwife about The Funk. It’s been getting better lately, but now The Funk is kind of morphing into The Anxiety and that is equally as shitty. Especially since I have to get on a plane in a matter of weeks. Needless to say, he recommended I talk to someone, and is calling me in a week to make sure I’ve made an appointment to do so. Have I mentioned I love John? Because I do. I’ll be making my appointment…soon.

So…I think that’s about all I can wrap up for now. It’s a busy time, summers in the Midwest. We only get so many days to be outside and soak up as much vitamin D as we can before we’re all buried in snow and pissing & moaning about living here.

Because I’ve already teared up TWICE today…

Posted 25 Jun 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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…I expect you to as well. At your desk. At work. In front of people.

Two wonderfully awesome blog posts I’ve read today:

Love Stories – A Wedding in Seven Minutes by Pacing the Panic Room
If you don’t already read this blog, you’re missing out. BEAUTIFUL photography, beautiful family, and now…beautiful video. This guy is far too talented not to put in your reader.

Tissues on a Train by Outnumbered
Usually this guy is ridiculously funny, but today he got all sappy on me and then I cried. You should stop to read some of his other posts while you’re visiting, like this one. I guarantee you’ll be a reader in no time.

I even had it marked on mah calendar!

Posted 23 Jun 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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The blog reset happened on Sunday.

I’m all, “La, la, la…it’s Father’s Day!”

when I should have been


So yeah. Could you vote for me a couple hundred (thousand) times? Grassy ass.

Vote For Us @ TopBaby Blogs! The Best Baby Blog Directory

(click it. pretty please.)


Posted 22 Jun 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I know, it’s one of those lame “apologizing for not posting” posts. I’m just so busy and when I’m not busy working or cleaning or changing one of the 7 daily poopy diapers Abbers is giving us lately, I’m just sitting. And not doing anything. BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD.

I really do want/need to be posting more. I have lots to tell you, oh dear internets. So hold tight. I’m going to make the hubs help me out so I can gets to blogging more.

Prepare yourselves.

Hey! Do you follow me on Twitter? I hope so. If you don’t, YOU SHOULD. Because Thursday, I’m leaving on a long weekend trip to visit my bestie Amanda. (You should follow her too. I guarantee there will be hilarity via Twatting.) (Wait, her account is locked down. I’ll have a chat with her about this.)

Anyway, YES! I have a weekend away from home, meaning a weekend away from the hubs and Abbers. I will miss them both very very dearly, but OH MY GOD do I need a girls weekend. It’s been no secret I’ve been in The Funk lately and I’ve had just about enough of it. I’ve been trending towards more of the happys lately, but I think this weekend might just help. Or being away from my little family will send me in a downward spiral of despair. Whatevs. There’ll be shopping and lots of the drink so I’m sure I’ll cope somehow. :) (No, family members reading this, I’m not an alcoholic. Yet.)

SO – tune into Twitter starting Thursday afternoon. I’ll be twittering lots and lots until Monday when I return. I’ll be flying to Phoenix, going to an 80s themed happy hour, driving to historic Prescott, AZ…and seeing Sex & The City 2. Then somehow finding my way through the Sky Harbor Airport in a massively hungover state to fly back home.

Speaking of Sex & The City 2, have you seen this video? I swear to you it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I’ve watched it a million times and tears come to my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME. So…watch it. And follow this guy on Twitter.

PS – Got the kitchen painted. THANK THE GODS. It looks awesome, btw.