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I’m glad I’m not the one answering the red phone in the oval office.

Posted 28 Apr 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I’m bad at making decisions. Remember how I asked you guys to help me pick a photo for my Modern Bird print? And then I picked one.

And then Mr. Lame Sauce himself sent me the proofs, and I changed my mind.

And now I can’t decide on colors.

So, once again, interwebs, I request your assistance.

I’m not married to any of these. In fact, I’m thinking about skipping the wood tone and doing a two color. But I can’t pick anything worth a damn.

SO. Here’s what Mr. Lame Sauce has been kind enough to draw up so far.





As you can see we ended up liking the full body one better after all. But I can’t decide on a color. I really DO like the plum but it seems too dark. Our living room is creams, mossy greens, mediterrenean blues, and dark browns. This will be in the living room, more than likely.

We have these pillows on our couches, to try to bring light to the colors:

And there’s just a smidgen of our rug in the background of this old skool photo:

Here’s a link to Modern Bird’s color chart.

Now…help! Please and thank you. :)

Very cool.

Posted 10 Feb 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Well, no word yet from Ohdeedoh about featuring Abby’s room, but Spearmint Baby did!

Small accomplishments people, this is what builds an ego in yours truly. Clearly I am moments away from world domination in nursery design.


See the post with Abby’s nursery here!

The Completed Nursery.

Posted 29 Jan 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I FINALLY took pictures of little Miss Abby’s room. I figured I should do at least one thing on my list before I go back to work. (Birth announcements will be completed and will go out Monday. Don’t give me that look.)

Anyway – here it is! I submitted it to to be considered for one of their featured nurseries, but only time will tell if they pick it or not. Not getting my hopes up – the ones featured there are gorg. Especially my dear friend Morgan‘s daughter’s room. She’s like a celeb over there with her (or maybe her husband’s?) Ikea hacking skills.

Back to the task at hand. The photos. Here they are. If you haven’t been a reader for a while – a little back story. We waited to find out if we were having a boy or a girl until the babe made it’s first appearance in the world – thus a neutral nursery. And in all reality – best decision ever. Had I known I was having a girl this room would probably have ended up being pretty damn pink. And this way, it isn’t. And I LOVE THAT. It does have a couple girly touches (like that awesome ballerina painting I found at an antique store and bought on my birthday – a bit premature too, if I do say so myself). If you want to know where we got something – lemme know! I’d be glad to share the info.

I can’t clean like this.

Posted 20 Dec 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
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One foot on the bouncy chair, making it go. This make cleaning virtually impossible. Unless you call blogging about not being able to clean “cleaning.”

We’re having a decent sized Christmas party on Friday night for our friends, and our house looks like the setting for the latest apocalypse movie. (2012? Yeah, our living room was the backdrop.) I can’t hold Abby cause that’s pissing her off. The moby isn’t an option. Apparently, sleep is SO 2 days ago.

But how can I get upset with a face like this?

This labor thing is pretty easy.*

Posted 16 Oct 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
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*NOTE TO LABOR GODS – I’M TOTALLY JOKING. No need to show me what’s really up for a week at least.

Saw John the Midwife today – this week’s state of the uterus:

Mucus Plug – Still gone.
Dilated – 4-5cm!!
Effaced – 80% (same)
Bedrest – Still till the end, unless I want to be in pelvis splitting pain.
Measuring – Around 35 weeks – only because I’ve dropped.
Baby is at 0 station, which is lower than last week’s -3.

Essentially, between the baby being so low, my dilation and effacement – I’m halfway done with labor. The only pain I’ve experienced is my gallbladder (now known as Vincent) and the cervix clawing. (Some of my ladies think the ninja is just hanging on for dear life – I concur!) I’ve had a few contractions with some cramping in the last week – but nothing to write home about. So, HOLY CRAP. It’s so close now I can nearly taste it. Now if the UPS man would just get here with our car seat…we’ll be ready to rock and roll.

The hubs and I went out for lunch after my appointment today and then to Best Buy, a rug store and Target. We FINALLY got a rug for the baby’s room, and also found a new one for the living room…which of course required us to buy new throw pillows at Target for the couches to tie it all together. (And I had to pick up some long sleeve onesies for the ninja to wear underneath all the short sleeve ones I ended up with. It IS fall. :)

At any rate, after having a hand shoved up my babymaker and all the walking/standing today…I’m beat. Especially since I only had about 3 hours of sleep last night, thanks to cervix punches and Vincent the gallbladder being a douche. The hubs is having a night out (well deserved) with his phone well within reach. I’m a little ascurred of something happening tonight considering the events of the day, but hopefully the ninja will at least make it through the weekend. My parents are planning on being here next weekend…or sooner if need be.

I just can’t believe I’m already this dilated…and not in the hospital choking a nurse because my epidural isn’t here yet. Certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “Everyone’s different!”