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I hate home buying.

Posted 25 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category other people are morons

So, I haven’t posted in a few days, so I’ll stop by here long enough to post this:

We found a house on Saturday that we LOVE. Two houses down from my dear friend Leslie and in NE Minneapolis, a very up and coming neighborhood. So…after careful consideration, we put an offer on said house on Sunday. We’re stoked. We’ve only gotten this far once before, and that was a very low offer on a very expensive house about a year ago. (We didn’t stand a chance, and we knew it.) This was our first offer where we actually felt comfortable with the terms and mortgage payment, and felt we had a good chance – this was their first offer on the house, and it had been on the market for 2 months.

Well, as of right now, we’re more than likely NOT getting the house because the old people that live there seem to have decided that now, since they got their first and ONLY offer, that maybe they don’t want to move anymore. WHAT? I mean, I just don’t get it. I cried like, 3 times yesterday; as much as I tried not to get attached to the house or start making my mental plans for the place, I did. And so I got really upset.

The worst part is, it’s not quite over yet. This is a band aid being pulled off at a snail’s pace. Their Realtor is going to talk to them some more today to try to convince them to sell, or at least counter our offer or something. I mean, their response to our offer was, “Oh that’s nice, but we don’t really want to deal with this now.”

In any case, we should know the final word today. I’m so irritated and crabby and sad.

Drunk Random + Kicking Doors = 911

Posted 05 Apr 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, other people are morons

Last night, while the fiance and I were saying bye to a friend who’d stopped by for a couple bevvys, we heard a REALLY loud banging on the back door to our apartment building. We chose to ignore it for a bit…but it continued. Our friend went on his way, and the fiance and I went to check it out. Some random drunk man in the back parking lot of our building decides he wants in – and the best way of doing this is apparently by kicking and pounding on the door. (Which may have worked, if the door opened inwardly. Which it doesn’t.) I go back inside, grab my cell phone, and call 911. The girl across the hall comes out – she’s on her cell talking to a girl living upstairs who then also comes down, who had her bike stolen from the basement in the past week (not good). The guy stops for a bit and sits down next to the door while the fiance is feeding me his description for the cops. Then he gets up and starts kicking the door again, causing us girls to scream bloody murder and hide. OF COURSE, the dude gets up and leaves before the cops get there. I’m so sure. I had a hard time falling asleep – I was scared he was going to come back! (I was also scared for the welfare of our new car as well! Priorities.)

The weirdest thing of the situation was that when I called 911 (which I think I’ve only done like, 1 or 2 times in my life), the young woman who answered said the following:

“911 Emergency, do you have an emergency or can you hold?”

Hmmm. Okay – why else would I be calling 911 if I didn’t have an emergency? It made me pause for a second. My response?

“Uh…yeah. I mean, kind of. There’s some crazy drunk guy trying to kick in the back door of my apartment building. Is that an emergency?”

Regardless – she took the info anyway. Who knows if they ever caught the guy.

Almost an offer…

Posted 07 Feb 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category other people are morons

So…we were thisclose to putting an offer on a house yesterday, but due to THE WORST realtor in history (no, not our sweet Mary Jane, but another realtor representing the sellers) it appears someone had already put an offer on the house. Unfortunetly, the idiot chose not to inform us as we requested the disclosure and whatnot. UGH. I got all riled up and excited (yes, I actually got excited about living in Richfield, 6 blocks from the airport) – only to be crushed late yesterday afternoon. But, it’s cool. Another will come along. Until then, we’ll continue to coexist in the smallest apartment of all time. :) I think I was most excited about the possiblity of not having to have my bedroom directly across from the litterbox – but, who wouldn’t?