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And the winner is…

Posted 11 Jan 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category I am a moron, retail therapy, The Hubs

This was the winner. The light pink one didn’t fit me very well. Husband seemed to like this one the best and since I STILL have yet to install any sort of full length mirror, I have to take his word for it. :) Now – the daunting task of sending back the other ones.

I have a little visit to the, eh – wax technician this afternoon in preparation for Costa Rica. And I forgot to bring my ibuprofen buffer to take beforehand. This will be fun.

Other than having hot wax placed dangerously close to my genitals, this weekend seems to have little or nothing to do – which is fine by me. I can get some packing and more preparation done for the trip. Luckily I got all my work done last night, so I won’t need to work over the weekend – but I might bring the pc laptop home so I can practice some Spanish via the Rosetta Stone CD L burned for me.

Aside from apparently forgetting to set the alarm clock last night…

Oh my god, it’s 7:30!

Husband: WHAT?

Me: It’s 7:30! Wait, what day is it? Friday? Friday, right? Crap! What the hell!

Husband: What?

Me:I swear I turned on the alarm! Get in the shower! Crap! What the hell!?

…it’s been an uneventful day, to say the least. Alright, I have to get some work done before I board the bikini wax bus.

I’m an 80 year old woman.

Posted 12 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category I am a moron, The Hubs

So, I fell coming down the stairs at my husband’s parent’s house last night. It was nearly the first thing I did when I got there.

It was those damn deck shoes that got me in trouble a few posts back. At the top of the stairs, I thought for a moment about how I should take my shoes off so I don’t track snow into their house. Then I realized the hubs had already gone into the basement with his on, so in order to keep the socks dry, I kept the shoes on. I made it down the stairs just fine. When I took my first step on the basement floor, I was down. (Mind you, this isn’t just a cement floor, it’s a PAINTED cement floor. Perfect for slipping on in low traction shoes.)

I honestly had no time to do anything but fall. I must have started to turn my body to grab onto something, because I fell right on my right hip. HARD. My left elbow took some of the brunt, and I also apparently hurt my right knee. Today, my whole right side of my lower back is screaming, on top of all those other injuries.

I’m an 80 year old woman slipping on the basement floor.

The first thing I did after I landed was yell “FFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” This may have been a poor choice of word considering the hubs’ parents don’t appreciate that word very much. They certainly have never heard it come out of my mouth (although I’ve warned them that I do, in fact, have a sailor’s mouth, they just don’t get to hear it). He came running to see what had happened, and apparently it must have looked like I fell all the way down the stairs. I may as well have.

Point of telling this story? I don’t know how I’m going to move ANYTHING in the next few days. Worse yet – my team at work is going bowling on Thursday. I need to have my A game!

It’s a just a travesty, for sure.

*Side note – while searching the internet for pictures of people falling down stairs, I came across this page. Yes, that is a stock photo of a woman making her self vomit, and the same couple being stoked about a pregnancy test, and also terrified. Ah, the land of stock photography.

Freakin snow.

Posted 03 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, The Hubs

So, we got snow this weekend. Of course, as usual – about 4-6 inches less than what they forecasted. But it was annoying none the less. I can’t wait until we move and are no longer on a busy street. The plows must have come by about 40 times during the night on Saturday and woke me up everytime. Our car drove well though. First time out in the snow! Although I do miss the civic every once in a while, I didn’t this weekend.

Of course we didn’t get much done in the way of packing. I refuse to be unprepared when the time comes. I don’t want to throw things in boxes without organization and labeling. The hubs totally doesn’t believe in my form of packing. He prefers the “grab what you see and dump it in a box and figure it out later” technique. The thought makes my stomach turn. I guess I’ll have to be the smart one and start things myself.

All I got done this weekend was taking down the sheers and the curtain rods holding them from the bedroom, and also washed the curtains. That’s it. Our apartment is a PIT. It’s embarrassing. Neither of us care about keeping it clean anymore.

So, instead of packing yesterday, the hubs and I went and got lunch, and then went to Fleet Farm. If you’ve never been, it’s an awesome store. I probably like it more than most since my dad dragged me there every weekend growing up. It smells like tires – and I love that smell. :) ANYWAY, we each bought a new pair of winter boots – they were all on sale! I bought these. Yes – they’re Sorels, for those who know. I love them. I ALMOST wore them to work today, then realized I’d have to tote another pair of shoes with me and then changed my mind. I wore my ski socks instead. My feet are still cold.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. My friend Rachael started a ladies book club called “Reading is Sexy” and tomorrow is the first night we meet. We’re all supposed to bring a list of books and a beverage to share. I’m so excited – this means I’ll be forced to read. I LOVE reading, and just don’t because I’m lazy and have too much stuff on my mind.

Back to work. Envision if you please little me, sitting at my desk, with a scarf, down parka and ski socks on. Welcome to my every day. :)

I seem to have forgotten something…

Posted 26 Nov 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy, The Hubs

…ah yes. Naked ring finger. Forgot to put the old wedding ring back on after cleaning yesterday. My hand looks weird, and naked. Best not tell the hubs. :)

Yes, it’s Monday morning…back to the grindstone. I have some sort of weird headache/lightheaded-ness I’m blaming on my retainer (yes, I have a retainer. I invested in braces before the wedding – best money I’ve ever spent, even though it was round two. Braces at 14? Okay. Braces in your mid 20s? Questionable.). I didn’t wear it a lot over the holiday and I think wearing it last night was rough…my teeth seem to have shifted since Thursday.

So, to recap on my Turkey Day weekend…had the grand meal at the hubs’ folks house, then went home and slept sort of and watched Elizabeth (SO GOOD). The hubs had to work Friday, so I did something I never thought I’d ever do. I went shopping on Black Friday. *GASP!* I went with the hubs’ mom & sister, and it wasn’t that bad! I assumed the crowds would eat me alive – but the only store that kind of sucked was Kohls. But they had some pretty good deals so it was understandable. Here’s what I walked away with –

Wireless router from Best Buy for $50 (a really good one!)
3 picture frames from Kohls – reg. $25/piece – on sale for $8.97/piece!
Queen sheet set 300 thread count from Target – $20
And a Christmas present for the hubs that shall go unnamed. :)

We went to see No Country for Old Men on Friday night – SO GOOD. HIGHLY recommended. The main character is so scary – he should win an Oscar for that role.

Saturday we went to a Christmas tree farm with the hubs’ family – we picked out a wreath since we don’t have a house to put a real tree in yet. It was fun – they have tons of animals and kitties to play with. Then we went to the MOA and the hubs actually bought two pairs of shoes, at once. I explained to him it’s okay to have different shoes to pick from, and he shouldn’t be wearing the same pair all the time. So – he bought these. I love them. They’re so daring and unlike any pair of shoes he’s owned since we’ve been together. I told him he needs to develop a shoe fetish like me. He said he’d consider it.

And yesterday we laid around the house, then cleaned and went to Home Depot to buy some tape and boxes. I packed one last night, full of hair and bath products. A whole box, filled with makeup and hair gel and body lotion. I am such a girl.

Slowly crawling away from death’s door…

Posted 08 Oct 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, The Hubs

So, here I am at work, sort-of back in the land of the living, after a long weekend of sleeping and being sick. I left work on Thursday around noon, and didn’t come back until today. Some sort of bronchial issue, I assume. I had a meeting with my boss’ boss today, and he made me sit as far away from him in his office as possible, while I sucked on a cough drop and breathed into a Kleenex. And now, at 2pm…I’m having a Power-C Vitamin Water, with a Smart Water back.

Aside from thinking I was going to die this weekend, it was a weird one, at best. Friday night the hubs and I went to First Ave to see Girl Talk, Dan Deacon, The Show is the Rainbow, and Tay Zonday. Have any idea who any of those people/artists/DJs are? Maybe the last guy. He got pretty famous from his little You Tube stint. (If you still don’t know – view it here.) In any case, the rest was just insane – like a house party full of wasted 18 year olds ready to dance to the most bizarre shit I’ve ever seen. The whole debacle didn’t start until 11pm, and we stayed until just after 2am. (Which more than likely assisted me in feeling like ass.) Here’s a good idea of what the night was like –

Girl Talk is just a dude with a Mac that does really good mash-ups of songs. Such a weird night.

Saturday we had another day of house hunting. It’s getting hard, I’m still holding out for “the feeling” when we see a house, and I haven’t gotten one since the house we put an offer on a couple weeks ago. I’m not willing to just take any house, because I want what’s best for the hubs and I, and whatever offspring that may occur in the next 5-10 years. The hubs on the other hand, wants a house so bad, that his expectations are nearly on the opposite end of the spectrum as me. He’s getting frustrated with me and I feel bad because I want a house just as bad as he does…but I’m just not willing to settle. *sigh* Everyone PLEASE – say a little prayer or cast a spell or something that we come across the house of our dreams soon. :)