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Misc. thoughts.

Posted 18 Feb 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
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1. I’d like to start having a “girls night” at my house again, yet I can’t think of a tv show to gather around like we used to.

Back in the day, I’d have a few girlfriends come over to watch ANTM, Sex & the City, Idol and/or Project Runway.

I don’t watch any of those shows anymore. Something tells me the girls wouldn’t have much fun coming over to watch my new favorite show Dexter. And I think I’m the only girl in a three city radius who gets stoked to be home at 7pm on Saturdays to watch new episodes of COPS.

Maybe Lipstick Jungle? Except it started already and I don’t know what’s going on.

B. For any ladies who are in the know, I decided today that I’m not going to take my Yasmin anymore. I’m giving it the boot because I think it’s causing me to feel crazy/depressed/off/panic attack-y and I don’t need any of that. Don’t worry, I’ll figure out what to take/do in it’s absence. Now is not the time for little ones.

#. Even though Macy’s told me it’d be two weeks for my glasses to come in (making them “here” on Saturday) I’ve still been stalking my phone in case they call to tell me they’re in. I check it every 15 minutes just in case I miss the call. Little things excite me.

#1 motivation killer…

Posted 18 Feb 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
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…coming to work.

It’s crazy. All morning before I get to work, I’m all about getting stuff done at work. Like – really working. Finishing projects, feeling accomplished. As soon as I sit my ass in my comfy work chair, suddenly doing everything not work related is priority one. Priority two – procrastinate in whatever way possible. I don’t understand what happens from point A to point B.

Anyway, weekend wasn’t bad. I didn’t really get anything done, but that’s okay. Friday night we stayed home. I was in bed by 9pm, which was nice. I just didn’t want to move. I got a sudden burst of energy at like, midnight. But at that point, was forced to just go to sleep since the hubs had come to bed. Saturday I drove him to work (poor boy) and then bought birthday gifts for my friend L who we had a surprise party for that evening. We went out for dinner and when we got back to her house, like, 20 people scared the hell out of her. It was pretty good. We stayed late and I didn’t really go to sleep until about 3:30am.

She informed us during dinner that she and her hubby are seriously considering buying a house in Costa Rica and moving there. I thought she was kidding. But they’re serious. I almost started to cry. I have very few lady friends here in Minneapolis, and even less that I am such good friends with. I mean, I’ll live if she moves, but for my own selfish reasons I hope she doesn’t do it. :~(

Anyway, Sunday we went to the Home & Patio show (pretty much a waste of time – except we have some dude coming to our house this week to give us an estimate on how much new windows would cost) and then Target. I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening switching between watching Cops and sleeping. Martini – I see I missed your call. Tonight’s the night. I hope you’re around.

Tomorrow night, book club.

And I still can’t wait to get my new glasses already!!!

Ah, Tuesday. Sigh.

Posted 11 Feb 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, I’m really not kidding when I say scientists need to concentrate less on global warming and more on making a juice that makes me motivated to do things. Like work. I’ve never in my life been more, uh, procrastinate-y than I am now. Although my list of things to do here is small, I’d rather give blood again than do any of my work. (anyone who knows me knows my one blood donation experience did not go well.)

In other news, I bought the pinkish-red Betsey Johnson glasses with my no money. (read: credit card) Hey – we’re getting “free” money from Uncle Sam in May. I’ve just got half of mine spent already. :) But I can’t WAIT to get my new glasses. I heart them.

In more painful news, I need to get a crown on one of my teeth. Boo. I went for a checkup yesterday (apparently my first in almost 3 years! ooops…) and although I didn’t have any cavities, she said there was a small one forming underneath a huge silver filling in one of my molars, and that I should just get a crown before I need a root canal. Uh…okay. Booooo! So, February 26th, my mouth and my pocketbook will be a little lighter.

Other than that – no other news to report. Sad. Sad existence, sometimes.

All’s well that ends well.

Posted 07 Feb 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, I had my phone interview yesterday. The lady I spoke to was super cool. Things went really well. I admitted to my lack of budgeting skills, yet touted my work in content/maintenance, and my educational background in graphic design. She wanted me to come in the next day to meet the owner and a few other people. I felt it was in the bag.

I returned to my desk after the phone call to arrange a time via email to come to their office and do the meet and greet. And suddenly, I felt I needed to know the salary. It’s one of the first things that would make me stray from this opportunity. So, I emailed her and asked. Then, of course, she emailed me back and asked, “what would make me happy?”

Uhm, $100K a year would make me happy, but here’s this.

The range I gave her was $5K-$15K more than what I make now. Reasonable, because honestly, that’s what it would take for me to leave.

She came back with $5K-$10K less than what I make now. I politely declined the position.

So – no harm done. The whole experience was great for me – I appreciate my job much more now than I did on Monday. :)

In other news, I want to buy a new pair of eyeglasses. The two pair that I found at Macy’s that I LOVE are Betsey Johnson. I want them both. One pair is hot pink and the other is black, green and white. Of course, I can’t find any photos of said glasses so I can’t post them, but I’m torn. Also, I have no money to pay for new glasses.

And from out in left field…

Posted 06 Feb 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Suddenly, with 48 hours, I have a phone interview at a local design company.

Let’s go back to Monday night. I decide to log into – a networking site. I notice I have a message from someone who’s a president of said design co – with a job opportunity and description.

It’s for an Interactive Producer – read project manager.

Mind you, I have NO project managing experience. He knew that – my whole resume is on this site. Not to mention I’m not really looking for a new job right now. Yet, last night, I passed my resume along, just for shits and giggles.

And now, at 3pm this afternoon, I have a phone interview.

I’m scared shitless. Like – literally. In theory – this is my dream job. And they came to me. I’d be an idea person, the hub for projects – in a small, hip design house. However, I’m fairly comfortable in my current job. I’ve got pull – I’ve been here for four years now, and what I’m hearing is that I might finally get to start doing fun things now, instead of the ominous copy and paste that is my daily routine.

What’s a girl to do?! More later.