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Posted 17 May 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I just spent a whole 10 minutes reading a blog I started in 2000. It’s only got a little over 20 entries, but it brought back some lovely memories of college. If you want, you can read it here. I actually said something along the lines of “I’ll never quit working at Urban Retreat” because of the free monthly massages. Little did I know that I’d be working at Capella and one of my old spa bosses would be bartending at my local favorite dive bar because of the crooked bankruptcy claims he and his partner filed. Muah-ah-ah! I’m glad everyone got out of there.

The fiance also finally found a photo album full of pictures from the first years of our relationship that were pretty fun to look at. I can’t wait to get this slideshow together. Or, actually…I can, because it will be a lot of work.

Bridesmaid dresses came and they’re VERY cute…I’ve just about got the accommodations/directions cards completed and ready for the printer, and other wedding details are coming along well.

We’re going to a friend’s wedding this weekend. I’m going to be taking notes. :) My first alterations appointment is a week from Saturday, and I have to find my “undergarments” before then. Yikes. Nothing more that I’d like to do this weekend than go corset shopping. Sounds like fun.

94 days and counting.

Posted 08 May 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, let’s see. I would talk about wedding stuff first but since I just got back from my orthodontist appointment I’ll talk about that.

My front teeth are loose. Like, wiggle-when-I-touch-them loose. They took the wire off today so they could replace the bands, and while I was brushing my teeth I had the sensation that one of the brackets was loose. So I poked it with my finger and was convinced the bracket was loose, until I realized it was my whole tooth moving, not just the bracket. The doc says “they’re within the normal range of mobility” with braces, but I have to get an xray “just to be sure” the root hasn’t shortened at all. I am like, scared crap-less that I’m going to lose one or both of my teeth. I’m sure I’m just over-reacting, but that’s my greatest nightmare. Not to mention I’m getting married in three months! If shit hits the fan and I need work done on my teeth, when will it get done?!

Okay, panic attack is done. (for now)

Back to wedding related news…we found a flower girl dress for Malaysia on Saturday (a steal at Macy’s for $23!), the invitations are in, and the bridesmaid dresses should be at my desk by this afternoon! I also got my veil $14 at an ebay store, and have my practice hair appointment scheduled. The fiance and I are going to need to pick out wedding bands this month, and the invites need to be assembled and mailed in 4 weeks! Still, busy busy busy! We also picked out the tuxes on Saturday, and have yet to agree on a tie color for the boys. Two weekends ago we had the tasting at Crowne Plaza, and I am so excited to eat that dinner! Everything was just FABULOUS. (The vegetarian meal was exceptional…not your average vege type dinner. I would even recommend it for meat eaters!)

sweet dreams are made of these.

Posted 15 Mar 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, a recent discussion was around anxiety dreams about the wedding, and whether or not we’d been having them. OF COURSE I have! Let me share a couple.

1.) I dreamt that the ballroom we were supposed to have the reception in was cut in half so we only got half the room…but it didn’t matter because only like, 30 people out of the 220 we invited showed up. Then I got completely wasted out of anger of no one coming and passed out and missed the rest of the reception.

2.) More recently, I dreamt that my dress was falling down – either the zipper was broken or it was too big…but it kept falling down and I wouldn’t notice unless someone told me…which was bad since I wasn’t wearing a bra, and consequently kept flashing everyone in sight for minutes at a time.

And there’s still a little more than 4 months of this left. Who knows what I’ll dream about next?!

A few more reception items have arrived in the mail. You’ll have to wait till then to see them, but good lord – is it easy to spend money on a wedding!

Those unsightly bridesmaid dresses.

Posted 14 Feb 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I FINALLY decided on a bridesmaid dress for my girls, and I’m so happy with my decision! All the girls seem to like it and I’m so happy with it! It’s a light fabric which will go with mine, and be nice and cool for the summer. Hooray! Another item done. And I spoke to Betsy from Ethereal Events to fix the area behind the head table…so, another thing done! Yay! 6 months to go!

One more thing…

Posted 19 Jan 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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…I forgot to mention. In an earlier post I had mentioned about how I felt as though some of the people planning their weddings “didn’t have jobs” because of their planning/bios/scrapbooks. Well, America…I have become one of those girls. And I do have a job. I kept telling myself this whole wedding planning thing wasn’t going to take over my life, but it kind of has. I’m guilty of talking about it all the time (I’m sure with people who don’t care too much, either), I’m on’s discussion boards like, all the time…and I’m constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the next planning activity – and staying as organized about all of it as I can. I’m embarassing myself now.

Alright…I’ve admitted it. *sigh* How many months till August?