I’m an 80 year old woman.

Posted 12 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, I fell coming down the stairs at my husband’s parent’s house last night. It was nearly the first thing I did when I got there.

It was those damn deck shoes that got me in trouble a few posts back. At the top of the stairs, I thought for a moment about how I should take my shoes off so I don’t track snow into their house. Then I realized the hubs had already gone into the basement with his on, so in order to keep the socks dry, I kept the shoes on. I made it down the stairs just fine. When I took my first step on the basement floor, I was down. (Mind you, this isn’t just a cement floor, it’s a PAINTED cement floor. Perfect for slipping on in low traction shoes.)

I honestly had no time to do anything but fall. I must have started to turn my body to grab onto something, because I fell right on my right hip. HARD. My left elbow took some of the brunt, and I also apparently hurt my right knee. Today, my whole right side of my lower back is screaming, on top of all those other injuries.

I’m an 80 year old woman slipping on the basement floor.

The first thing I did after I landed was yell “FFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” This may have been a poor choice of word considering the hubs’ parents don’t appreciate that word very much. They certainly have never heard it come out of my mouth (although I’ve warned them that I do, in fact, have a sailor’s mouth, they just don’t get to hear it). He came running to see what had happened, and apparently it must have looked like I fell all the way down the stairs. I may as well have.

Point of telling this story? I don’t know how I’m going to move ANYTHING in the next few days. Worse yet – my team at work is going bowling on Thursday. I need to have my A game!

It’s a just a travesty, for sure.

*Side note – while searching the internet for pictures of people falling down stairs, I came across this page. Yes, that is a stock photo of a woman making her self vomit, and the same couple being stoked about a pregnancy test, and also terrified. Ah, the land of stock photography.

4 days, and Christmas crabbies.

Posted 11 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Last night, I actually packed the remainder of the bedroom, save a few drawers of my lil ikea dresser. All that remains are some breakables in the living room and the kitchen. I wish I hadn’t packed the camera already – I’d show pictures of the hellaciousness that is our apartment. The cats are having a field day with all the boxes and insanity.

After reading my dear friend’s blog this morning…I suddenly grew sad (again) that I won’t be home over Christmas. I mean, my parents are coming up here the 22-24th, so at least I get to see them, but I won’t get to see any of my friends. I don’t have any siblings, so I’ve come to rely on my girlfriends as my extended family. Martini is my BFF, we’re seriously like sisters. The rest of my girlfriends are like my cousins, I’ll say. But still – not being able to see them around the holidays makes me really sad. A few of my friends from back home have been my friends for over 20 years. That’s ridiculous – and why they’re like family.

It’s strange, while I will be missing out on seeing my whole family as well over the holidays, that isn’t hitting me as much yet, as much as not seeing my friends is. My mom’s family is going to Tahoe for the holiday, sans my parents. My two little cousins that were just born this summer will be there, whom I have yet to meet. It’s a bummer. I only choked up a little at Thanksgiving, when I talked to my mom on the phone and could hear everyone in the background. I think Christmas is going to be different.

Alright – I’ll try to snap out of my crabbies and get cheery since we’re moving and that’s happy times!

Half packed.

Posted 10 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, instead of spending the WHOLE weekend packing – we spent about 5-6 hours packing on Saturday. We made a decent dent, but still have the kitchen, half the bedroom, and the storage space in the basement left.

I didn’t get a chance to actually count my shoes because my husband packed them, but I packed 2 medium sized Home Depot boxes full of them, as well as my suitcase. The hubs freaked out. He just kept saying “I’ve never even SEEN you wear these!” Whatever – I love them all. And in a few short days, they’ll all be laid out to be loved again in the attic (AKA – my new closet). It’s finished, could be a bedroom, but since we don’t need it as a bedroom – it will be my office and closet. SO STOKED.

The sellers contacted our Realtor asking if we’d be interested in buying their TV they have in the basement – it’s like a 42 inch HD rear projection TV. We said maybe – depends on their asking price. We were thinking about getting a plasma at some point – but this would allow us to same some money for a while – maybe get a plasma next Christmas then. We’ll see. Kind of cool though.

So – to wrap the weekend up, the toilet started to run in our apartment. (Better go catch it! Ba-dum-bum.) A kind of “run” that jiggling the handle couldn’t cure, and was about to keep both of us awake. So, at midnight, I was attempting to be resident plumber and fix it. My “professional opinion,” after sticking my hand in the seriously ice cold water, was that since the air temp was so cold, the frigid water hardened up the flap in the bottom of the toilet. (Thanks Dad for all the Tom-Boy lessons) – so I rigged it so the tank wouldn’t fill up again. And called the landlord – who hasn’t acknowledged our notice yet. He’d better recognize – we move in 5 days!!!

I need a new countdown…

Posted 07 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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…for when this comes out…

Martini – I’ll need to book my tickets to see you in May. :)

What, me work?

Posted 06 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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If I’m too excited to work now, how will I work next week?

We’re going to our house-to-be in less than 3 hours so we can take measurements and get one last look before the official walk through next week. I’m getting so excited to move. All of our utilities have been transferred (aside from cable – Comcast has decided to make transferring our cable the biggest pain in the ass EVER) and the hubs got a truck lined up – we’ll have it for two days, Friday and Saturday.

I finally packed something last night. Books – 3 boxes. Well, more like 2.5 boxes, I put some towels and a couple sheets (more like painting drop cloths) in a box with some books to make it less ominous. I also cleaned the mildew off the wall/ceiling near the shower last night. The hubs kept telling me to just leave it – but I couldn’t. It was grossing me out so bad – I didn’t want people helping us move to see it. I wasn’t worried about the landlord’s thoughts, just my friends and family. Typical.

This weekend there will have to be some serious packing taking place. Like – everything but some clothes and maybe some dishes should be packed. It’s so overwhelming – I’m already preparing items for procrastination use.

Alright – I need to get back to “working.” More later.