Drunk Random + Kicking Doors = 911

Posted 05 Apr 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, other people are morons

Last night, while the fiance and I were saying bye to a friend who’d stopped by for a couple bevvys, we heard a REALLY loud banging on the back door to our apartment building. We chose to ignore it for a bit…but it continued. Our friend went on his way, and the fiance and I went to check it out. Some random drunk man in the back parking lot of our building decides he wants in – and the best way of doing this is apparently by kicking and pounding on the door. (Which may have worked, if the door opened inwardly. Which it doesn’t.) I go back inside, grab my cell phone, and call 911. The girl across the hall comes out – she’s on her cell talking to a girl living upstairs who then also comes down, who had her bike stolen from the basement in the past week (not good). The guy stops for a bit and sits down next to the door while the fiance is feeding me his description for the cops. Then he gets up and starts kicking the door again, causing us girls to scream bloody murder and hide. OF COURSE, the dude gets up and leaves before the cops get there. I’m so sure. I had a hard time falling asleep – I was scared he was going to come back! (I was also scared for the welfare of our new car as well! Priorities.)

The weirdest thing of the situation was that when I called 911 (which I think I’ve only done like, 1 or 2 times in my life), the young woman who answered said the following:

“911 Emergency, do you have an emergency or can you hold?”

Hmmm. Okay – why else would I be calling 911 if I didn’t have an emergency? It made me pause for a second. My response?

“Uh…yeah. I mean, kind of. There’s some crazy drunk guy trying to kick in the back door of my apartment building. Is that an emergency?”

Regardless – she took the info anyway. Who knows if they ever caught the guy.

We bought a car!!

Posted 27 Mar 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Yes, ladies and gentleman, the trusty Honda Civic you’ve grown to know and love was traded in yesterday for a shiny new (sort of) CR-V! Here it is…

Ain’t she a beaut? Our first official purchase together. Quite exciting!! I have to admit, I’ll miss the civic – that was by far the best car I’ve ever owned, and never had a major problem with (even with the 134,000 miles we traded it in with!). I’m glad we’ve decided to stick with Hondas, hopefully this car is as nice to us as that one was!

In wedding related news, I ordered the invitations today! I’m hoping they get in before we go to Sconnie for Easter so my mom and I can use our beautiful handwriting skills to start addressing them. What else…we have a try on of 3 tuxes in a month to pick the official “one”, and I’m waiting for the shoes I bought for “The Dress” to be dropped off at my desk today, where I will more than likely try them on and then put them back in the box to return.

sweet dreams are made of these.

Posted 15 Mar 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category wedding whatnots

So, a recent theknot.com discussion was around anxiety dreams about the wedding, and whether or not we’d been having them. OF COURSE I have! Let me share a couple.

1.) I dreamt that the ballroom we were supposed to have the reception in was cut in half so we only got half the room…but it didn’t matter because only like, 30 people out of the 220 we invited showed up. Then I got completely wasted out of anger of no one coming and passed out and missed the rest of the reception.

2.) More recently, I dreamt that my dress was falling down – either the zipper was broken or it was too big…but it kept falling down and I wouldn’t notice unless someone told me…which was bad since I wasn’t wearing a bra, and consequently kept flashing everyone in sight for minutes at a time.

And there’s still a little more than 4 months of this left. Who knows what I’ll dream about next?!

A few more reception items have arrived in the mail. You’ll have to wait till then to see them, but good lord – is it easy to spend money on a wedding!

10 inches

Posted 26 Feb 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much

Yep, we got 10 inches of snow over the weekend. Boo! (but yay, for skiing/snowboarding) the fiance and I hunkered down for Saturday night with a couple movies and a new episode of SNL and watched it all happen. By Sunday morning we were both getting claustrophobic from being inside so long, the fiance went for a walk (mostly because the car was buried) and got us lunch, while I power cleaned our 600 square feet of home. Later I dug the car out in the parking lot…THAT was an ordeal. Apparently we’re supposed to get MORE snow Wednesday. It’ll make our trip to Spirit Mtn (in Duluth) that much more fun though, I guess. I’ll be skiing since my snowboarding skills are subpar. :)

Those unsightly bridesmaid dresses.

Posted 14 Feb 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category wedding whatnots

I FINALLY decided on a bridesmaid dress for my girls, and I’m so happy with my decision! All the girls seem to like it and I’m so happy with it! It’s a light fabric which will go with mine, and be nice and cool for the summer. Hooray! Another item done. And I spoke to Betsy from Ethereal Events to fix the area behind the head table…so, another thing done! Yay! 6 months to go!