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I’m lucky.

Posted 21 Nov 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Sometimes, I forget how nice it is to work where I do.

Needless to say, my job is at a lull until next Thursday when we launch a new website. So, I haven’t had much to do.

Last night, I went to the Mall of America and bought a new fall coat at H & M, only to get it home and realize the numbskull that rang me up failed to take the security tag off the thing. I pondered trying to remove it myself, and imagined the bright red ink exploding all over everything and decided against it. It was then I remembered, I have nothing to do at work.

So, after my only meeting of the day, I grabbed my new coat and my purse, walked a block to the light rail and went to the mall. They removed the tag, I got takeout lunch from Tucci Benucch, and hopped on the train to come back. Hour and a half later I’m back at work.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. My plans include watching the Macy’s parade, being lazy for a bit, crying because I’m not going home, and then eating turkey and whatnot at the hubs folks house. It hasn’t hit me yet how sad I’m going to be, but it will tomorrow when I wake up to watch the parade and I’m not home. *sigh* Such is married life, I guess.

I did it.

Posted 20 Nov 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I actually slept really good last night. REALLY good. Yesterday turned out to be fairly okay. Work didn’t end up sucking as much as it could have, we got the couch moved into our apartment (one casualty was the light bulb in the hallway – oh well), the hubs dad found my keys (thank GOD because it was going to cost $200 just to replace my car keys) and everything was good. So, I had nothing to worry about, and thus, had a – dare I say – AWESOME night’s sleep.

Until I wake up at 6:30am to the hubs freaking out about our trip to Costa Rica and how we put it on the credit card and shouldn’t have since our loan for the house isn’t final approved. Now I’m back to panicking again. At least I got one good night’s sleep.

I (heart) Mondays

Posted 19 Nov 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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This past weekend was incredibly trying. I won’t get into details, except to say that I was really looking forward to today. I never thought I would say I was looking forward to a Monday morning at work – but this was a good case. And then I actually got to work. Suddenly I was wishing it was the weekend again.

But, Angie reminded me that at LEAST it’s a short week. I had forgotten! THANK GOD.

Anyone else have a weird weekend? I’ll recap mine briefly.

Trip to Wisconsin.
Trip to Illinois from Wisconsin.
Husband with motion sickness.
Wedding for cousin.
Trip from Illinois back to Wisconsin.
Driving from Wisconsin to Minnesota with trailer attached to truck and winter storm like weather.
All of my keys to apartment and car being lost completely.

Anyone beat that? Anyone?

So cool…

Posted 16 Nov 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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This needs to be turned into a full length video. I know, I know…I’m weird.

It helps that this is my favorite band. This is where Martini says – Who the hell is this? Hahahaha.

I’m at that point…

Posted 15 Nov 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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…where I suddenly realize why I’ve been down in the dumps lately. Yes, I suppose it’s partially the “post wedding blues” which I hate to admit but is sadly a real condition. I’ve also realized it’s my job. I’ll explain.

Post-Wedding Blues
This has nothing to do with the fact that my “glory day” is over and that the spotlight is no longer on me. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t care to have all the attention on me. Sometimes is nice, but whatever. :) It’s mostly because, for everyday of a 14 month time span, I was planning something and devoted most of my brainpower to make everything perfect for one day. And, surprisingly, I did it – with help from my best friends and family. However, since the wedding’s been over, I have nothing to do. I mean, it took me 2 months to get my thank you notes out and that was my only responsibility. I just always had something to do; whether it be calling 836 florists for pricing or just worrying about time lines, I had purpose.

My Job
I won’t say where I work. But I basically work for an internet type company. And my job is to update and develop their websites. Except, lately I’ve been stuck on a project and am starting to feel like a minute cog that no one knows exists. I’m not going to say I hate my job, because when I am working on something fun, I really enjoy it. But I’ve been so bored lately, and not challenged, I’m basically in the same type of “wedding funk” – I have no purpose.

I know I’m moving in a month, so I’ll start to do my ultra-nerdy and organized thing again, but for now, I need to remind myself that I have a life outside of my job…and that I don’t need a wedding to plan to feel useful. I need to start hanging out with my friends more often and (*gasp*) stop fearing the phone and start communicating with my friends and family more often. (I almost thought about blaming this on being an only child and not having good social/life skills, but I digress.)

So, there – crabby, depressed, incommunicado me. I’m going to make myself be happy and like the old Jenna again if it’s the last thing I do.

On a side note, I bought a pack of cigarettes today. I don’t care if I start smoking again. It made me happy and I kind of miss it. Plus, I’m sure once this pack is gone I’ll hate it again and probably quit. :)