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See, the problem is…

Posted 18 Mar 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, the cats

…that when nothing goes on in your life, it’s hard to blog.

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

I mean, I DO things, but do these things warrant a post in my blog?

The only thing post worthy is that a notable Minneapolis gang chose to tag our garage. I’m pretty sure they’re laying claim to our garage, as well as dissing another reputable (well, maybe not reputable) Minneapolis gang. Can you imagine? All on our garage?! It’s pretty sweet. I think it’s in grease pen so it should be easy to remove, since our garage isn’t sided with fancy vinyl siding.

What else…what else. ::drumming fingers on table::

Going home for Jesus’ resurrection this weekend. Not really long enough to hang out with friends, which is a bummer.

Miles the cat is illin’ as of late. The herp is flaring up in him again, probably brought on by his recent wellness check at the vet. I take him there, they tell me he’s fine, and then he gets sick from the stress of being at the vet. Catch-22 I suppose. He was all sneezy and stuffy and unable to breathe, so I went to Target last night and bought a humidifier for him. :) I put it on my side of the bed because he always sleeps on me at night – I think it helped, he seemed a little better this morning.

Book club is meeting at my house tonight. Eighty more pages to read in “Atonement” before they get there. I also have to clean before they arrive. Maybe I should leave work early. Hmmm. Hoping Miles is a little better this evening so he’s not walking around sneezing on strangers. The ladies will think I have a weird house of cats – BooBoo will be hissing and scratching them while Miles sits and sneezes his herpes snot everywhere. I love my boys. :)

Weekend wrap.

Posted 10 Mar 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs

A weekend where I got something accomplished?! WHAT?!

Yes, it’s true. I got some things done this weekend. I single-handedly programmed and installed a wireless garage door opener keypad on our garage (hooray me!). Gone are the days of bringing our one and only remote in the house with us every time we get home. (We have a detached garage that lacks a side door.) I also cleaned the shit out of the attic. Literally and figuratively. I only have 1/4 of a box left to unpack (unpacked a total of 5) and have to organize/clean the office area of said attic. I will take a picture of the closet portion. I can now see all of my shoes out and about now. It’s a glorious feeling. I also filled up an entire garbage bag full of clothes to donate to Goodwill. Awesome. I hung a hook rack to hang my purses on. It’s mine, all mine! (and to drive that fact home, I also unpacked a portion of my doll (creepy or otherwise) collection. That should deter the hubs from wanting to hang out up there. He has his drums, I have my dolls.)

Anyway, the hubs brewed some beer. *snicker* Actually, I should give him more credit, it was a lengthy, nit-picky process that took up a good portion of the day. (Lacey, I think he uses Brewers’ Best? Or something. Anyway, the kit was annoying. They don’t use consistent names for everything so it gets confusing.) We’ll know in about a week how this batch turned out. :) He did that mostly himself while I installed openers and organized the attic.

So, hooray for a sense of accomplishment. I had a craving for seared yellowfin tuna that was never satisfied over the weekend. Hmmmm…

Today, I finally bought my ticket to visit Martini. CANNOT WAIT. Funny how, once again, my spring/summer weekends are dropping away one by one, and it’s only March. :)

Ahh, Friday.

Posted 07 Mar 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Friday has never seemed so good. Although this was only a 4 day week for me, it’s been a long one. Not to mention cold. My legs were frozen solid by the time I made it to the train station 2.5 blocks from my house. (It’s a whopping -3° F right now, and it’s 9:30am!) It’s supposed to be around 40° F next week, and I cannot wait! I just want the snow to melt so we can hang out in our backyard. :)

No big plans for the weekend, although I have a few things I’d like to do. The finished attic of our house is being used as an office/closet for me. And it’s a complete MESS. I want to buy a bunch of hooks to hang my plethora of purses on, unpack my 3 boxes of shoes, and just tidy things up a bit. That’s an all weekend project. The hubs is planning on brewing beer this weekend, so maybe while he’s doing that I’ll play with my shoes and clothes. The whole house needs a bit of a tidying as well. Ah, to be Susy-homemaker again. 😛

Let the nesting begin.

Posted 18 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, marriage

After being gone from my internet so long, I’ve forgotten nearly everything I wanted to blog about!

I’ll just recap.

Friday: Woke up and drove to our closing. It was freakin FREEZING out. Closing went well. Signed my name 3,294 times. Signed once with my maiden name by accident – oops – just to much pressure with having to remember my middle initial and everything. Handed over our dollars, they got theirs, we got keys. It was not as exciting as I thought it would be. (Mostly because we couldn’t really get in the house until 10am Saturday.) We went and got lunch, then picked up the truck. The hubs and his brother-in-law loaded up the stuff from his parents house and I went to Target and spent $$. Went home and finished packing up the apartment.

Saturday: Woke up bright and early – moved all day. Boo-boo (the cat) did not care for the move at all. He basically just growled and hissed for about 20 hours. He’s better now. Miles (the cat) took it pretty well. He’s such a nice boy. (That’s because he’s mine. The hubs’ cat’s the unsociable one. :)

The hubs’ mom, sister and I unpacked the kitchen and put the bed together while the boys rested between trips. Thank god they helped with that stuff. It was fun unpacking all the wedding gifts. It’s like everything in our kitchen is brand new!

Sunday: The most fun day. The hubs and I decided to go and buy the things we needed (and wanted) for the house. I’ll fill you in on the fun purchases:

PetSmart: Christmas toys for the kitties and a pet door for the laundry room so they can get in to poop while the door is closed.

Crate and Barrel: Misc stuff. Mostly fulfilling the registry, getting our 10% off and using $300 in gift cards. I wish shopping was always like that. :)

Slumberland Furniture: An ottoman. Was $250, on sale for $99, then a “deep discount” price of $50.

IKEA: Two dressers (one for him and one for me), a little table for the stereo in the living room, and a “coffee table” we’re using as a TV stand.

Target: Table runner for Christmas party, outdoor firepit, new trash can, baking soda for the fridge, silverware organizer, fireplace tools, etc. More gift cards spent.

Home Depot: Shovels, ice spade, rugs for snowy boots. :)

And that was that. We unpacked all that stuff, I put together the coffee table and little table and I decided I needed to take Monday off to get crap done. The hubs decided to try for our first fire in the fireplace, which resulted in the house filling up with smoke. Apparently the flue is a little temperamental.

Monday: Febreezed everything in the house to get rid of the smoky smell. Put together the dressers (PITA), unpacked the guest room, rest of the kitchen, put things where they needed to be. Most importantly, the cable guy came and hooked us up. Hooray! I didn’t feel at home until I was on the couch with the laptop checking my email.

I think we’re putting up our tree tonight. This week is going to fly by. I still have to buy my mom a Christmas gift. The hubs hasn’t even begun his shopping.


But we’re in our house. I LOVE it. Pictures coming soon.

Half packed.

Posted 10 Dec 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs

So, instead of spending the WHOLE weekend packing – we spent about 5-6 hours packing on Saturday. We made a decent dent, but still have the kitchen, half the bedroom, and the storage space in the basement left.

I didn’t get a chance to actually count my shoes because my husband packed them, but I packed 2 medium sized Home Depot boxes full of them, as well as my suitcase. The hubs freaked out. He just kept saying “I’ve never even SEEN you wear these!” Whatever – I love them all. And in a few short days, they’ll all be laid out to be loved again in the attic (AKA – my new closet). It’s finished, could be a bedroom, but since we don’t need it as a bedroom – it will be my office and closet. SO STOKED.

The sellers contacted our Realtor asking if we’d be interested in buying their TV they have in the basement – it’s like a 42 inch HD rear projection TV. We said maybe – depends on their asking price. We were thinking about getting a plasma at some point – but this would allow us to same some money for a while – maybe get a plasma next Christmas then. We’ll see. Kind of cool though.

So – to wrap the weekend up, the toilet started to run in our apartment. (Better go catch it! Ba-dum-bum.) A kind of “run” that jiggling the handle couldn’t cure, and was about to keep both of us awake. So, at midnight, I was attempting to be resident plumber and fix it. My “professional opinion,” after sticking my hand in the seriously ice cold water, was that since the air temp was so cold, the frigid water hardened up the flap in the bottom of the toilet. (Thanks Dad for all the Tom-Boy lessons) – so I rigged it so the tank wouldn’t fill up again. And called the landlord – who hasn’t acknowledged our notice yet. He’d better recognize – we move in 5 days!!!